Top Georgia based mobile app development service providers

The technology is changing our day to day life considerably. I know that mobile phone is common nowadays for people and mobile users are crazy for mobile applications. Mobile apps have changed the way of communicating, accessing news and doing business. Mobile apps are playing very important role in business success. Today mobile application is available for everything, in smartphone, tablets and wearable devices. But the backbone of any successful mobile app is mobile apps development company.

mobile application development Georgia

If you are searching for reliable mobile apps development company in Georgia, no need to search more. Here I have prepared a list best mobile apps development companies in Georgia.

FuGenX Technologies

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FuGenX is a top mobile application development company in Georgia, new jersey and Atlanta. The company has developed award winning mobile apps and games for its customers. It was founded in 2008, has developed mobile apps for different verticals like retail industry, Healthcare, Hospitality, Real Estate, Education, Telecom and many industries. The growth rate of FuGenX in the last 3 years is 168%. FuGenX has a large client base, including Vodafone, Panasonic, Big Basket, Praxair, and Williams Lea. FuGenX has also been featured in top mobile apps development companies new york list.

All Mobile Everything


All Mobile Everything is the consultancy for mobile apps development in Atlanta and micro-consultancy in Georgia. The founder of All Mobile Everything is Roger. It is focused on cross platforms, mobile apps and game development. The Consulting Services include App development, Game development, Prototyping and many more. Its major clients are Microsoft, and Tesco.

Solution Built


Solution Built is providing services like website development, mobile apps development and SEO. Solution Built focuses on the customers who need customized website and mobile app. Its major clients are CryoLife, FORTUNE and EMORY HEALTHCARE. Its mobile app development cost in Atlanta is affordable.

LogicBomb Media


Logic Bomb Media is an Atlanta based mobile apps developer with years of experiences. It is developing web-based applications across the United States. It has a large client base for web based and mobile based applications.

 Segue Technologies


Segue Technologies was awarded as one of the Best mobile app development companies in Arlington, Virginia in 2010 by the Arlington Chamber of Commerce and also by Washington Business Journal recognized as 50 fastest mobile app developer in the DC metropolitan. Segue provides services like web development, Data Analytics and mobile application development. Segue has developed app for government, Commercial and non-profit sectors.

Core Mobile Apps  


Core Mobile Apps was founded in the year 2013 and the founder is Will Manuel. Core Mobile apps focuses businesses in the southeast region of the United States. Its head office is in Florida (Orlando) and representative office is in Miami. Core Mobile Apps is one of the best mobile apps development companies Atlanta. The core mobile apps’ major services are mobile app development and mobile website development. Its Android app development cost in Georgia is one of the best.



ISBX is an emerging mobile application development company in Georgia and Atlanta. ISBX is based in California and it helps in building all types of mobile apps. ISBX mobile app development services include Android apps development and iPhone application development. ISBX’s client list includes LOREAL, NBC Channel, Lexus, Honda etc.

Run Mobile


Run Mobile is a Georgia based mobile app service provider. It deals with mobile software solution and development. Run Mobile offers services on mobile app development, mobile device management and consulting. Run Mobile’s client base include Memphis, and Neenah Paper, etc. It has years of experience in mobile app development.



Innoppl is an enterprise mobile app development company in Atlanta and Georgia. Innoppl was founded in the year 2009 and Head office is in Atlanta, Georgia and representative offices are in Los Angeles, California. Its major clients are Richards Industries, Illinois University and Judicial Council of Georgia. Its iPhone app development cost in Georgia is one of the best.

If you are looking to work with the most trusted mobile app development firm in Georgia, reach FuGenX at or

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