FuGenX Introduces an Innovative Real-time Market Platform Mobility Solution

Searching for the platform like Uber or Arro in New York or in your city which you want to initiate or develop for your business.

Here is the innovative solution which is offered by FuGenX, Fx RMP, a Real-time Market Platform Mobility solution. Below are the unique features of the Fx RMP solution.

Arro is one of the best Uber like taxi companies is New York and the company launched an app called Arro app, which is a free application for iPhone and Android users. A user can register and utilizes the services by finding the nearby cabs. The app gives information about the driver name and his ID number. It saves the time, as well as money as the app automatically generates right fare.

Arro’s new trend is getting popularized all around USA

Arro is also going to start their business in San Francisco, Chicago, Boston and Washington. It is recognized as an emerging Taxi Company, by adopting real-time market platform solutions.

Do you know what is Real-time Market Platform?

In this world, there are a large number of service providers who are lacking customers, similarly customers are lacking good service provider. This gap between customers and service provider are filled with innovative ideas by FuGenX, the best iPhone and Android apps development companies new york.

Fx RMP – Innovative and unique Mobile App Solution

FuGenX, one of the leading mobile apps development company new york, provides you innovative and unique ideas with Fx RMP (FuGenX Real-time market platforms) solutions. Fx RMP is a high-tech solution that gives the opportunity for the service providers to find the right customer in right time.

The opportunity is here for you, Grab it!

As a business owner, you can act as a bridge between service seeker and service provider. When the customer are searching for the service or products in a particular area, you can serve them by connecting them with the right service provider. Service provider delivers the service or product on time, which makes either customers or service provider happy. In this process, you will manage both service providers as well as service searcher.

How Fx RMP differs from traditional methods?

In the traditional method, people search for service through the directory and they ask someone or they need to call the required service provider. But, here customer needs to wait for a long time to get a reply from the service provider. Fx RMP helps you supply right service to service seekers through a service provider. Here, customers are served very quickly and in a different way. It increases your business revenue, if you have already own a business. If you are planning to start similar to this kind of business, then Fx RMP helps you set a trend with your innovative idea.

Who can get advantage from Fx RMP?

All sorts of businesses and people can get advantage from the Fx RMP. Fx RMP helps for all kinds business, example if you want to connect medical stores and people in New York or any other city, you can utilize from FX RMP solution with iPhone app development or Android app development. When people order through your mobile application, you can provide them service on time. Fx RMP is greatly helpful to build your business as well as revenue, with the one-time investment.

Android Apps Development Companies new jersey

Stand out from your competitors

If you are already running a business, then Fx RMP helps you to take your business to the next level. For more info on Fx RMP, reach us at (1-213-995 8091), www.mobile.fugenx.com or (info@fugenx.com). We are glad to serve you.


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