Gamification Is A New Way To Increase Business Revenue

                                 “Meet New Technology With Clever Approach”

Gamification refers integrating game concepts into non-gaming contexts like websites, apps and social networking sites. We’re seeing a large number of enterprises integrating gamification concept into their apps to increase productivity.

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Gamification includes the data-driven techniques that app developers use to build apps with interesting features and to encourage users to stay on particular apps for longer time. This technique really add worth to your business.

Which is the best and simplest example for Gamification?

Facebook is the world famous social bookmarking site and it is the best example for gamification. As you know, Facebook is not a gaming site, but it wants users’ presence in the site for a longer time, where the users play game and invite their friends to play with them. In this way, Facebook retains the attention of users in the site and makes the users coming again and again. Users may click on ads that appears on the site, through which users convert into customers of the advertiser.

Games like Candy Crash, Angry Bird, Criminal Case and 8 Ball Poll are some of the most popular games, which are played on Facebook. In some cases, though users have nothing to do with Facebook, they visit Facebook to play games. Gamification is one of best techniques to attract and engage users.

Games vs. Gamification:

If the business owners is approached with gamification concept to implement into their business, they may think games are not suitable profitable for their business. But it is not about developing something new. It is about amplifying the result of an existing app or website and experience of users by applying the motivational techniques, which make games so engaging. When you enhance the way of communication between employees, you increase productivity, drive more sales, better collaboration, client satisfaction and more.

 Competitive Differentiation:

In the last 5 years, the gamification has grown at a greater speed and continues to make more difference in the business sector. It is an effective motivation strategy and yet, it is also a way to achieve customer satisfaction. Gartner, a technology research company had predicted that more than 70 percent of the Global 2000 companies will be benefited with at least one gamified app by the end of 2014. The prediction of Gartner has become almost true.

 In Enterprise Use:

Marketing people in enterprises are very competitive by nature because they need to be competitive with their competitors. This is one of the reasons for gamification was accepted promptly by enterprises to enhance productivity. It is also one of the crucial differentiators as workforce improvement.

As a business owner, you will be remunerated with something you want and something that is important for you by customers. Nowadays, Gamification is becoming more and more popular as computer gaming and mobile gaming.

Game Mechanics:

Gamification apps are built for the purpose of engaging with customers. It is the new trend in business to get more revenue, as well as get more customers. You can get fast feedback from the customers and also it attracts wide user base.

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